Every business’s growth necessitates the use of advertisements. It assists in the promotion and expansion of your company. We’ll discuss Google advertisements in this post. Google offers you a platform to market your company. We’ll talk about Google advertisements and their benefits. We’ll show you how to utilize Google Ads for Shopify store. Let’s get this article started right now.


Google ads for Shopify Store

Google is a famous search engine all over the world. People are surfing on Google to find every information. It is easy to reach millions of people with Google. So, you can choose Google as your advertising platform. Google Ads is the company’s internet ad program. You may develop online advertising to target people with Google Ads. 

Google Ads for Shopify Store is a service that may help you market your company. It assists in the sale of goods or services. You may also improve traffic to your website and raise awareness. Google Ads accounts are operated on the internet. You have complete control over the creation and modification of your ad campaign. There is no minimum spending requirement, and you are in charge of your spending. You have complete control over where your ad displays. You may make a budget that meets your requirements. It’s simple to assess the effectiveness of your advertisement.


Advantages of using Google Ads for Shopify Store

As you all know, Google is an unusual search engine. Google’s community is very wide and popular. Google ads for Shopify Store provide a lot of advantages to its users. Let us check some of its advantages-


Helps in generating leads-

Google Ads are effective in generating leads. It allows you to target more people in lesser time. So, you offer your product to more and more audiences. It helps you to increase your customer leads for the Shopify store.


Flexible and customizable– 

Google Ads are flexible and suitable for every type and size of the organization. For Google advertisements, you may establish a budget. Also, it has several customization options. You can target people of various location, interest, websites and other. You can target campaigns according to keywords, devices, age, and location.



You can control your cost of Google Ads. You have control over how much want to spend. There is no minimum cost. You can choose as per day, month, week as well as year. You have to pay whenever someone clicks on your ad.


Provide useful insights to measure performance

Google ads provide you the facility to measure its progress. You can check how many people click on your ads and make a purchase. It provides you other valuable data like cost, customer’s online purchase, phone calls. It provides analytics and insights into your Shopify store. You can use them to improve your ad performance.


Manage multiple accounts – 

You can easily manage and modify your Google ad campaigns. You can download a My Client Center (MCC) manager for maintaining your Google ads accounts. It helps you to manage all your accounts at a single location.


Steps to create Google ads for Shopify Store

Just create your first Google ads in few steps. You can create unique ads and offer services to your customers. The following are some steps that you can use to start your Google ads


Tell your goals to Google– 

First of all, you need to tell Google what are your goals. You should define what are the objectives of advertising. It means whether you want to give information about your product or create brand awareness. Google ads will help you with the following goals-

  1. You can select shop visits to increase the number of visitors to your Shopify store. 
  2. You can opt to take action on your website. It is beneficial when you want to increase traffic to your online store. You can choose it when you want the customers to sign up for your store.
  3. Calls are also an option available in Google ads. It is helpful when you want customers to call you and close the deal.


Decide the location of your ad – 

Now, you have to decide the location of the ads. It means you need to choose where you want to advertise. You can choose whether you want global advertisement or local advertisement. 

Your ad must target the correct audience to be successful. You may select the place where your ad will show in Google Ads. It might range from a small radius around your store to large regions and countries.


Create your message- 

After deciding the radius of your ads, you have to create the message for your ad. You should highlight your store’s benefits and advantages. You can include images, graphics as well as videos in your ads. 

Writing excellent ad language and using images is simple with Google Ads. With a choice of ad types to choose from, we’ll assist you in deciding how to effectively construct your ad. Make Google ad copy that is customized to your advertising and marketing goals.


Set your budget cap- 

Now, you have to decide the budget for your ads. You have to set the monthly cap. You don’t have to pay more than the monthly cap you set. It will help you to control your ad cost. You determine how much to spend with Google Ads. 

There is no requirement to spend a certain amount of money and there is no obligation to do so. We’ll provide a budget recommendation based on similar businesses. In addition, there are estimated findings. In approximately a month, most commercials begin to provide results.


Go live- 

Now, your Google ad is ready. Google will start displaying your ad to people. Your ad will appear on Google searches, maps, and other related platforms.


Your first ad is created. Now, you can start promoting your Shopify store on Google. It will boost up your business in lesser time. So, start with Google today. You can visit Google ads’ official website to know more.