Partner Program

August 13, 2022 2022-08-13 14:00
Refer and Earn
Here's How it Works
Step 1

Sign up to our partner program and get access to your unique affiliate link

Step 2

Share the unique affiliate link with your friends or promote on social media.

Step 3

You earn 25% recurring commission for every customer that signs up and activates a paid plan.

Get passive income by joining our Partner Program

Get passive income by joining our Partner Program

We've built the right incentives into a partner program meant to make you money.
30-day cookie life

If the merchants click on your affiliate, and install Vitals in up to 30 days they'll be assigned to your account

Lifetime revenue share

Just make sure you refer at least one paid customer within 6 months of your last referral.

Customized links

Contact Us & we’ll be able to assign a custom branded coupon code such as YOURBRAND10

Extra benefits

Influencers with large followings on Facebook or YouTube can receive extra perks assigned to their referral links.

Up to 25% lifetime commission

Earn up to 25% per month for each merchant your refer, as long as they finish their 15-Day Free Trials

Payouts via Paypal

Once you've accumulated over $100 in eligible payouts, we'll contact you to request an invoice and your PayPal email address.

Transparent Stats

Track your sales with the easy-to-use affiliate dashboard. We will import the statistics twice per month

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