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The All-In-One _Analytics Platform for Aspiring Shopify Millionaires

  • Get actionable insights about your shopify store.
  • Boost store traffic , conversion and sales with the power of advanced business intelligence.
  • Discover unexpected growth opportunities with automated business analysis.

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Explore, Discover and Grow with Powerful Shopify Analytics

Powerful, accurrate and cost-effective analytics analytics for shopify stores of all sizes. With a suite of analytics tools, you can quickly and easily uncover the patterns that are working for your business and improve on those that aren’t.

Get Instant Answers to your Most Critical Store Questions

Instantly see how many customers came to your site today, what marketing channels are working best for you and how much revenue is coming from new vs returning visitors.

Actionable Analytics Dashboard

Instead of general reporting Minstein dashboards are built to get quick actionable insights about various sectors of your store such as marketing, sales , orders, customers and product.

The End of Spreadsheets

If you’re a Shopify store owner, then you know that juggling all your different stores and their performance can be a daunting task. Minstein consolidates everything into one place so you don’t have to worry about spreadsheets anymore.

Track 100+ Ecommerce Metrics

The last thing you want to do is stare at spreadsheet for hours on end, just to find out that there’s an easy way to track 100+ ecommerce metrics in real-time with Minstein.

Personalize Your Marketing Efforts with RFM Analysis

How does your marketing campaign reach different customers? The way to find out is by using the 3 Keys ofCustomer Segmentation: Recency, Frequency and Monetary.

Consolidate all your Marketing Data Together

Bits of Advice for Smart, Young Adults instein is the single source of truth for your Shopify stores, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Connect any of these apps in just a few clicks to start monitoring everything from store visitors to the performance of your facebook and google ads.

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The most comprehensive and affordable analytics software for Smart Shopify Merchants.

Marketing Analytics

Know the ROI of your marketing efforts

Monitor FB and Google Ads Spend. Track Visitor Footfalls to your store Know Visitor Engagement Rate on your store ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)Track Customer Conversions.

Sales Analytics

Discover High- Performing SalesPatterns

Find out what times of day are most effective for running ads, which products have the highest conversion rates, and more!

Customer Analytics

Improve Customer Strategy

Minstein provides insights on customer acquisition, quality, retention and segmentation strategies that will help you improve your store conversion rates.

Product Analytics

Decide where to Invest your Marketing Dollars

Get insights into what products are selling the best, how much they’re being sold for, who’s buying them etc.

Order Analytics

Boost Profits with Smart Order Insights

Profitable orders are the end target of any business. With an order analytics module you can have better insight about your orders, abandoned carts and order demographics.

Growth Analytics

Growth Insights

Know the daily and Weekly growth of your Store Get an overall comparative glance of your store like sales, daily orders,customers, marketing spend, conversion, clicks and more for key parameters.

Organized dashboards to get actionable insights fast.

Get instant answers to your everyday shopify questions on sales, customers, products, and more

Drill-down into your data, slice-and-dice it by multiple filters, metrics, and attributes. Reduce time spent on finding information you need to make Fast, Reliable and Profitable business decisions.

Marketing Insights

Does spending more on Markerting increase my Sales ?

Sales Insights

What are my high selling and low selling regions ?

Ads Insights

What is the best time to run ads ?

See What Top Leaders in the Industry says about Ecommerce Analytics

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What if you could see the data that can help grow your business? Find out for yourself – no risk, no credit-card and fully worth your time.

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