Enterprise Analytics

June 22, 2021 2024-03-01 18:11

Enterprise Data Analytics

Bring your all business data in single place & get AI/ML based actionable Insight

How it works

In 4 easy steps


Data Integration

Connect all 3rd Party Data Sources to Minstein

Data Analytics

Figure out what's right for you, then set your goals and follow them through.

AI/ML Recommendation

Using machine learning to predict the future & make informed decisions. 


Make automation to reduce repetitive tasks that will save you hours.
What’s Included

Our Data Analysts will analyze data in every aspect, and come up with useful information that can help to make better decisions.


Financial Analytics

Tracking total revenue, expenses & net PnL generated by the e-commerce business, as well as granular level information based upon product lines, channels, or regions. get Financial forecasting, and recommendations to increase your revenue or decrease expenses. 


Sales & Marketing Analytics

Tracking the effectiveness of different marketing channels by linking them to revenue and identifying which channel played a role in the conversion. Also, get to know best-selling, trending products,  geographical sales insights,  Tracking the effectiveness of campaigns on ads platforms


Inventory Insight & Forecasting

Monitoring the number of units of each product in stock and identifying when stock levels are running low or are overstocked. Analysing data on sales trends over time to predict future demand for products and plan inventory accordingly. Also analysing data on the profitability of different products 


Customer Intelligence

Get a detailed insight about different segments based on New & Repeat Customers, RFM, Order Frequency, Day since the last purchase & so on, Using customer segmentation data on customer behaviour and purchase history to create personalized email campaigns, promotions, loyalty programs, or offer personalized product bundles.


Everything you need to empower your team Spend your more time doing what you do best— and that's making sure your business runs smoothly!

Why Minstein?

Next Generation Business Intelligence Tool for Result Driven eCommerce Business

Get a consolidated insight into the business 

Get rid of Multiple Spreadsheet

Unlimited User Access

Monitor multiple businesses from Single Application

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Role-Based User Access

Integrate unlimited data sources

Save lots of Hours

White Label Application specific to your Organisation

Transform Your Ecommerce Strategy with Data Analytics

Uncover hidden opportunities and optimize your performance like never before

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