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Up to 500 Monthly Orders



Up to 2,000 Monthly Orders



Up to 6,000 Monthly Orders


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Highlights Basic Pro Premium Enterprise
Order Included Upto 500 Orders Upto 2K Orders Upto 6K Orders unlimited
Overview Dashboard Basic Pro Premium Enterprise
Overview Dashboard (Sales, Orders, & Customer)
Customize Overview Dashboard
Summerise & Actionable ReportsBasicProPremiumEnterprise
Inventory Actionable Insight
Order Return Actionable Insight
Product Actionable Insight
Geographical Actionable Insight
Marketing summerize Insight
Customer summerized insight
Order summerized Insights
Set Sales Goal Target
PnL Module Basic Pro Premium Enterprise
P&L Overview Dashboard
Store Performance Dashboard
Order-wise P&L
Update Product COGS
Pull COSG from Shopify
Ads Spend Insigh
Expense tracking
One-time and recurring costs
Add fixed, variable & custom costs
Add additional shipping cost
Add transcation cost
Add additional Income
Sales, Marketing & Customer ModulesBasicProPremiumEnterprise
New & Repeat Customer Insight
Customer Performance Insight
RFM Analysis
Customer wise P&L
CLTV Analysis (Past 12 months Trends)
CLTV Analysis – City wise
Customer Segmentation
Sync Audience with FB Audience Manager
Link Segment with Kalviyo & Mailchimp
Geographical Insight – 12 Months/Week Trends of Order, Customer Purchase, New Customers, AOV, ARPU, Total Revenue
Cohort Analysis
Buyer Frequency Analysis
Google Analytics
Google Ads Insight
Facebook Ads Insight
Product & Inventory ModuleBasicProPremiumEnterprise
Product Performance & trends of last 12 Months and Weeks – Total Units sold, Total Orders, Customer Bought, Avg Selling Price, Total Revenue
Product Insight
Product Retentions
Customer wise P&L
User Retention after Product Purchase
Customer Prefrence
Inventory Insights
Excessive Inventory
Out-of-Stock Inventory
Items needs to Restock
Additional FeaturesBasicProPremiumEnterprise
Daily Email Reporting
Export Data to Excel
Intuitive charts & tables
Invite teammates
Role Based Access to Team Members
Predefined report templates
Unlimited report exports
Custom reports (Coming Soon)
Report scheduling (Coming Soon)
Unlimited ad platform integrations
Historical Data (2 Years)
Data Sync in every 12 Hours
Request for Update Data
Aggregated Multishop dashboard
One subscription for multiple shops
Email Support
Skype & WhatsApp Support
Phone Support – –

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