We’ll discuss Facebook ads for Shopify store in this article. It is a game-changing marketing strategy. It will assist you in marketing your Shopify store. We’ll show you how to create a Facebook ad for your Shopify business in this article. Let’s start with a brief introduction to Facebook advertisements.


Facebook ads for Shopify Store

Social media marketing is an amazing trend. Companies of every size, type, or genre are adopting social media marketing. They believe that it is one of the strongest tools to grasp the audience. Also, there is a proper reason behind using social media marketing. The reason is that the youth are very active on social media nowadays. There are several social media sites available. But Facebook is one of the oldest places for marketing.


Facebook ads for Shopify Store are a marketing strategy to promote your Shopify store on Facebook. This tool will help you to reach your ideal audience and grow your network. Facebook ads will save your time as well as money.  It is a budget-friendly platform, especially for small Shopify business owners. Facebook ads allow you to target the potential audience and convert them into leads. This will grow your business, sales, and revenue. 

Before learning about its process, let us summarize some of its benefits.


Benefits of using Facebook ads for Shopify Store-

  1. Facebook ads provide you with flexibility in marketing. It provides you with several types of Facebook ads to choose from.
  2. Facebook ads are affordable. Any small or startup Shopify store owner can choose Facebook for marketing. 
  3. Facebook provides you with a platform with a wider audience. You can easily target the potential audience. You can advertise to people of every age, interest, need, and location.
  4. Facebook ads help you to create brand awareness and loyalty among customers. When you advertise your product, more people will know about your product.
  5. Facebook users can be directed to your website with appropriate links. This will assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your website.
  6. Facebook ads also provide you with useful Facebook insights. You can use these insights to measure your performance.


How to Set up Facebook ads for Shopify Store?

The following are the steps to create a Facebook advertisement. Follow these steps and launch your First Facebook ad today-

Set up a Facebook Business Manager Account- 

First of all, you need to create a business account for Facebook. For this, go to Facebook business. Then click on create an account. They provide all the necessary information in the dialogue boxes. 

After that, you have to create your ad account. For this click on business settings>Accounts> Ad accounts. Create a new account and enter the requested details. This business manager account will handle your Facebook ads, business pages as well as other Facebook tools. 

Create A Facebook pixel for the Shopify store- 

Facebook pixel is the connection between your Facebook ads and Shopify store. It will show you the actions of your website which are happening because of the Facebook ad. To create a Facebook pixel ID, follow the given steps-

  1. Go to the event manager and click on connect a new data source.
  2. Select web and enter your website URL. Now, choose the use of a partner integration option.
  3. Now, choose the vents you want to track. On the next page, your Pixel ID will be created.

Now open your Shopify store. Copy your pixel ID from your Facebook business manager account. In your store, open the preferences section. Ther paste your pixel ID. Both your store and Facebook account are integrated now.


Create a Facebook audience- 

Now, you have to target the right people for your ads. For this, open the audience section in your account. There you can create a list of people you want to target in your ads. This section is divided into two broad categories-

  1. Retargeting- It means targeting the audience which already visited your website or contacted you. It includes Website traffic, Customer file, and engagement sources.
  2. Website traffic-  Any of the events monitored by your Facebook Pixel can be used to create retargeting audiences.


Customer file- 

You can upload a list of your customer’s email, contact numbers and other information. Facebook can use this information to target them through your ad.


Engagement source-

Using Engagement, you may target people who have interacted with one of your company pages or one of your prior Facebook advertisements. You may target a certain audience depending on the forms of interactions they have.

  1. Prospecting- It means finding a new customer for your store. It includes advertising to people who haven’t been in your contact even once. It can be done by lookalike audience, interest, behaviour and demographics.


Lookalike audience- 

A Lookalike Audience generates new leads by analysing the interests, behaviours, and demographics of your previous customers and website visitors.

Interest–  It is related to the pages with which people are interacting frequently.

Behaviour-  Behaviours are generally life occurrences that a user has documented on Facebook.

AudienceThis includes information like a user’s work title, age, or educational level. This information is available on their profile.

Setting up the Facebook ads campaign-   Now, you have to set the goals and objectives of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Campaign objective-  Now, you have to decide what the objectives of your ads are. It means brand awareness, consideration or conversion. Choose the goal of your campaign.

Ad sets-  You may choose which audience to target, how many impressions you want to spend. You can choose where your ad will appear in each ad package.

Budget–  Now, enter the budget for your website. Choose between daily minimum spending and lifetime spending.

Ad placement-  Select where you want your ad to appear. 

Audience-  Now, choose from the audience section which type of audience you want to target. 

Choose the design for your Facebook ads For Shopify Store-  Now, go to create ads and choose the appropriate design for your ads. You need to create creative ads to attract your customers.


Optimize your Facebook campaigns- 

To identify who is most interested in what you’re selling, Facebook advertising requires time to optimise. You can track your conversions in Shopify with the Facebook business manager.

Your ad is ready. Now, you can launch your first ad. This will help you to boost your Facebook ads for Shopify store.