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Shopify Analytics

Get the in-depth insights you need to make data-driven decisions for your Shopify Store. We help you monitor and grow your store by providing in-depth analytics for each of your business areas.

6 In-DeptActionable Analytics modules :

Marketing Analytics
Sales Analytics
Customer Analytics
Product Analytics
Order Analytics
Growth Analytics
No more spreadsheets and delays now.

Go from Data Mess to Data Driven Profits

Consolidate all your shopify stores, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads in a single source of truth.
Measure your store visitors as well as the performance of your facebook and google ads. Connect any of these apps in just a
few clicks.

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
more coming soon...
Marketing Analytic

Be more Efficient and Minimize wasted Web Marketing Dollars

This module helps you to monitor campaigns and their respective outcomes, enabling you to spend each dollar as effectively as possible.

Monitor FB and Google Ads Spend
Identify best performing campaigns
Track Visitor Footfalls to your store
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
Track Customer Conversions
Sales Analytics

Boost your sales by identifying High-Performing sales patterns

Sales Analytics allows you to leverage sales data to provide clear insight into sales channels , sales demographics and products.

By making data accessible and understandable, sales analytics make it easier to prioritize the right sales activities at the right time, driving efficiency, revenue, and growth.

Monitor Daily Sales
Better idea of High-Selling Low Selling Regions.
Identify Most Profitable Sales Channels
Insights on Best Times to Show Ads.
Know impact of Marketing Spend on Sales
Customer Analytics

Increase Customer Conversions by Targeting Right Customer Segments.

Customers are the backbone of your store. If you want to run a successful store you need to understand your customer behaviour and their purchasing patterns.

Minstein helps you to know your customer’s inside-out and provide you with different angles you can work upto check and improve customer strategies.

Customer Acquisition :
Discover the effectiveness of your “ New Customer” acquiring strategies.
Customer Quality :
Know “ Purchasing Power“ i.e ARPU (Average Revenue Per User )
Customer Retention :
Get insights on how long a customer stays with your store .
Customer Segmentation :
Identifying 11 different Customer Segments and using this to boost your customer conversions and increase AOV .
Customer Cohort :
To identify customer engagement over time.
Product Analytics

Decide where to invest Marketing Dollars

Product analytics includes everything related to products including best selling products, emerging products, refunded products, refunds , collection insights etc.

One of the simplest strategies to make more sales is : Show customers products that are already selling. These modules help you in doing exactly the same with more advanced techniques.

With the help of Product Analytics you can

Gain More Customers :
By using “Best First Purchase Products” into your display ads.
Get More Sales :
By using “Best-Selling / Emerging Products”
Build Customer Loyalty :
By removing products with more refunds.
Better Inventory Management :
Keeping track of Product Seasonal Demands
Better Network :
Build a better netowrk of Reliable Product Vendors by removing vendors with more quality issues
Order Analytics

Uncover Hidden Revenue opportunities in your Abandoned Cart

Profitable orders are the end target of any business. With an order analytics module you can have better insight about your orders, abandoned carts and order demographics.

With an abandoned cart module you can boost your sales by mailing the relevant customers.

Track Daily Orders
Know Orders Trend over months
Discover referring sites leading to order placement
Keeping track of Product Seasonal Demands
Abandoned cart insights
Growth Analytics

Know the Daily and Weekly Growth of your Store

Overall analytics helps you to get a quick glance of your store like daily sales, daily orders, recent orders, marketing spend, last 7 days statistics for key parameters.

With the help of this module you can check the immediate status of your marketing performance.

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