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The Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions

The Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram Story Dimensions are like status on WhatsApp. It also disappears after twenty-four hours. But Instagram has a variety of options to put something on a story in a unique way. You can post anything on your stories such as your photos, videos, someone else’s post, meme, and many other things. But keep in mind that after 24 hours, it will no longer be visible to any of your followers but there is one way to make it visible for as long as you want by adding it to your story highlights. 

Instagram Story Dimensions

You just have to click on the three dots and select add to story highlights and it will be visible below your bio. But if you want to seek more followers on Instagram then you must keep every sort of thing in mind about Instagram features, perfect size for photos, video dimensions, and many more things. We have to take care of certain things that will make our post more enticing and conspicuous. There is an ideal size for any post or story on Instagram that gives it a perfect look and enhances the picture quality and its beauty.

 Many people ignore taking care of the size of the picture as they don’t consider it as the best way to make our posts look more attractive. Same is with Instagram stories, it also has an ideal size that seems perfect for a picture. 

One should get informed about the ideal size before posting it on the story.

You can post anything on your story that you like, you can post some short videos or anything you want. You must keep in mind that your post should not be offensive or it must be interesting so that more people visit your profile and consider it worth following.

Instagram Story Dimensions

If you want to grow as a professional Instagrammer in the future then these tips might be of great help to you. In case if you are running a business page, then you must follow these tips to enhance your following on Instagram. 

Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions

The ideal dimension for the Instagram story is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. It gives a perfect look to your Instagram story. It accepts all the files in format PNG and JPG and the file size must be no more than 30 MB. 

Instagram Story Dimensions

The ideal dimension for videos is also the same and that is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall and the whole size should not be more than 4 GB. It accepts all the files in only two formats that are MP 4(which is highly recommended) and MOV. video files.

It seems that Instagram is quite strict regarding the size and dimensions of the photos and videos that you post on the story. If you post a smaller photo or video than the ideal size for photos or videos then it will zoom into the photo which will not seem nice and if you post a larger picture or video than the ideal size of the photos or videos then it will crop the photo and the photo will seem blurred. It will decrease the photo and video quality and something important will be cropped off from the photo or video. 

How to post an Instagram story?

You can simply go to your Instagram account and swipe right to open the story section and at the bottom left corner you are given an option to scroll through your photos and videos and once you find the photo or video that you wanted to post then you need to tap on that photo and select it and post on your story. You can also add emojis and texts that you will find at the top right side of the story section. 

Instagram Story Dimensions

You can even take photos and make short videos on the story section as it has an option to take pictures and almost all the people ignore that option. Instagram has come up with a new feature that is “reels” where you can make short videos by lip-syncing or you can make your original content also. You can then post it directly on Instagram story. You can even mention someone and they will get notified further.

In case if you want to post something related to buying a product then you can add its link there or you can directly post share that product on your story and it will be showing swipe up so that people can get easy access to that product by just swiping up and you can easily promote your brand on social media. You can do the same for your other social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, blogging website, or many more. By doing this you can get more followers on your other social media accounts also without putting extra efforts to those other social media apps. 

You can also support your friends by helping them out in getting more followers. You can share their posts on your story by mentioning them and some of the people will visit their website and some of them will follow them also. In return, you can also ask them to share your posts on their story to seek more followers.

Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram is one of the best apps and the second most popular app after Facebook but the day is not too far when it will surpass Facebook in terms of popularity. Most people post something daily to their stories, especially youngsters and ones who have more followers on Instagram. One who wants to grow as a professional Instagrammer then he or she must consider posting something daily to their story to expose their account to more people and enhance their following.

You have to be unique with your post, your post must be original and resembling your personality that people might like. You will get success further. This is not as easy as it seems but the ones who are interested in that can nail it and get the things they want by putting their efforts to the full.

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