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Instagram Analytics

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Work smarter and gain powerful insights with Minstein Instagram Analytical tool view posts insights, manage followers, monitor hashtags, analyze stories, and run reports.

Track Your Instagram Analytics

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Attract the Right Followers with Follower Analytics. Gaining the right follower is more important than gaining followers.

Knowing the followers increases with the trend over time.

Identify the time when your users are online.

Know the gender ratio of your audience.

Identify where your customer base lies over the globe.

Monitor the followers growth rate.


Analyze profile, increase engagement with Profile Analytics. Understand your profile and view the engagement on websites, email, etc.

Identify the audience viewing your profile.

Average clicks on the website and various other buttons.

Analyze the ratio of view to clicks of your profile.

Know the peoples accessing your mobile number.

Analyze the audience getting your email by clicking on the button.


Improve your Instagram marketing strategy with Post Analytics. Analyze your customers to create the most engaging posts for your audience.

Identify the posts based on their number of likes and comments.

Analyze the reach of the post in the target audience.

Know the posts that are getting most saved.

Identify average impressions per post by the various users.

Identify your audience reach on the basis of country across globe.


Get More Views with Instagram Stories Analytics. Optimize Instagram Stories by understanding their views and engagement.

Understanding the audience by viewing their story taps.

Analyze the impression per story and and reach per story.

Identify average reply per post by the audience.

Identifying people exiting your story or not understanding it.

Know your audience base and develop content respectively.



Understand market with the Hashtag Analytics. Keep track of hashtag performance and enhance marketing campaign:

Track the right audience, whoever understands your market.

Understand the hashtags and figure out your potential Customer.

Find out how people feel about the hashtag.

View every post using the hashtag.

Keep tabs on how a hashtag is performing.

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